Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Transcendant Theory of Unity

or: the extended Theory of Relativity

This is my “Transcendant Theory of Unity”.
There will be a short introduction before we come to the very core theses.

While the Science of Physics has great meaning to mankind, in the end it won’t be able to provide answers to the big “why’s” of the universe. Quantum electrodynamics already proved that observation alone affects reality. Observer and observed are one. Wherever and for how long we search for more, we’ll always find more – more of something smaller or larger.
However, although the Science of Physics won’t provide answers, it will provide us with the ability of asking better questions – questions that give us the chance to increase our wisdom instead of our knowledge.
One of the first things this wisdom will reveal is that knowing much without being able to use this knowledge for life is useless – while knowing little but being able to apply it to life brings what we all strive for: Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is just a word, but it refers to the experience of understanding Everything – the revelation of all questions.
Many people experienced it, maybe only for split seconds. All the worlds religions are rooted in a prophet who spoke from Enlightenment.
Something preserved to spiritual, credulous people? Not quite. It is true that you can awaken to Enlightenment by being purely scientific.
The Experience of scientifically understanding the Eternal Now equals the Experience of Spiritual Oneness.
You could say: Enlightenment is logical.
Thesis No. 1 - The Now Takes Time to Communicate Itself
… and it does so at the Speed of Light.

What does this mean?
Look at this drop of water. First, the drop is still falling and the water is still. Then the drop hits and starts creating ripples on the water. The ripples change - or are creating themselves anew - constantly. This change works it’s way from one molecule of water to the next, and thus communicates itself from the center to the outside.

With the Now it’s the very same story. The Now is a word for describing all creation (or change) that happens Now.
The time it takes the Now to communicate itself to another location can be called the Now-Delay (so for example the time it takes to communicate change from the center to the outside). We might also call it Creation-Delay.

Let’s go deeper:
Imagine two distant locations. Each has a local Now for itself which are absolutely contemporary but only if seen separate from each other. An individual local Now is never able to experience this contemporary-ness though since the distant local Nows need time to travel through space. For example, once the distant local Now from Mars “hits” us at Earth, it is of course not the contemporary Now from Mars but a Now delayed by the time it required to reach us.
In a way, the Now-Delay and the Speed of Light are interwoven with each other, however, the Now – or Change - would still “update” itself even without light while light wouldn’t be able to traverse space without Change.

There’s a very easy way to prove this thesis. It was discovered by Richard Feynman in his work “Quantum Electrodynamics”, that light or let’s better say photons can travel every possible path to reach a specific point in space – here an example of light from the sun on its way to Earth. Then something irritating happens: in the moment of observation, it suddenly seems that the light went straight. However, the light didn’t necessarily move straight at all – which means that it travelled a much longer distance and still made the shortest path in time.

The fundamental differences to other paradigms is that the Speed of Light is just a misperception of the Now-Delay, and no phenomenon in itself anymore.
Thesis No. 2 - Gravity is Caused by Space-Warp
The effects we attribute to Gravity are truly caused by Space-Warp - not by un-identified particles like dark matter. This means that Gravity is just a word to describe phenomenons of our world, but it really doesn’t exist at all. Following the same thought, mass (speaking: the weight of matter) is an illusion created by Space-Warp too.
Most other paradigms say that mass creates gravity and gravity creates Space-Warp – which is the other way around.
Thesis No. 3 - Space Can Be Warped Without Matter
We make the following observations: mass itself is not warping Space, but still, Space is warped. As a deduction, we have to suppose that Space can be warped without matter.
So possibly even the Space inside your room is warped although you couldn’t perceive it as that.
Thinking about it from this perspective, what makes us so sure that our Space is flat?
Thesis No. 4 - Space-Warp is a Spatial Dimension
This conclusion is very logical but not easy to understand. Let’s look at our three dimensions of height, width and depths. Then, the ability of Space to be warped is another dimension which sits perpendicular to our 3 dimensions – similar to time (which we’ll discuss in a minute).

Space-Warp is an Inwardness of Space. A warp into all directions, a warp into itself.
Every point in Space has the ability to be inward (or outward) in infinite ways like a floating balloon can be at every height of our 3 dimensions.

An interesting deduction from this is that can explain our perception of expanding Space.
If we assume the distance from Earth to a far, far away galaxy being a 3D Space + Space-Warp distance, let’s call it a “4D distance”, then this 4D distance stays the same while a change in the inwardness of Space creates the perception of our expanding 3D Space.
Remember that this is a 2D model of a 4D process.
Thesis No. 5 – The Inwardness of Space is Affected by Creation
In other words, we move through the dimensions of Space-Warp by Change.
This is a big one.

First, we have to get clear on the word “Creation” which expresses every type of Change that is observed by Consciousness.

Here is an example: This is a 3x3 array of infinitely small points in Space.
Each point in Space can change in infinite ways (which is pictured as the surrounding border) but at the same time, each point in Space knows the “contents” of all other points in Space (which is pictured by the small 3x3 array inside). However though, Change isn’t communicated instantly because of the Now-Delay.

>Explanation of Simulation<
An interesting thing to remember is that the “communication” of a change in another point is the same than traveling from point to point.

On a bigger scale, let’s imagine we are sitting in an infinitely small vantage point in between Earth, Moon and Mars. It is said that the smallest distance possible is the Planck-Length, so you can also assume to sit an a Planck-Length-size vantage point. Every point in Space constantly communicates itself and sends out Now-Waves. In this case, we’ll look at the Now-Waves of our surrounding planets. On the way from their source to us, every infinitely small point is “updated” like ripples in the water. Then, at one point, all Now-Waves arrive in our vantage point simultaneously – which means that this infinitely small point was “updated” from three (or in fact infinite) sources at once.

Now, so far we only looked at the communication of Creation at zero speed.
We all know the Theory of Relativity and that we can’t travel at the speed of light.
Well, first, we need to say that we can’t travel at the speed of Now. But why is that?
Approaching the speed of light, the mass of an object increases. Mass is the illusion created by Space-Warp, and Space-Warp is an inwardness of Space. So, approaching the speed of Now, the inwardness of Space increases.

So what happens if that which is creating the Now-Wave approaches the speed of its own communication? In other words, what happens if we approach the speed of light?
Well, it causes a Doppler-Effect of Creation – like the sirene of a fire truck. In a thought experiment of a rocket traveling at the Speed of Now, it sends out a Now-Wave but constantly creates new Now-Waves which are adding to the original ones. It is like creating a different truth of reality. In the moment of the Now reaching a distant observer, it appears like the rocket is in every point simultaneously. Our conclusion is that more Creation = more Space-Warp = more Mass.
We also learned that Space-Warp is different from where you look.

>Explanation of Simulation #2<
Thesis No. 6 - Time is All Higher Dimensions
This thesis is nothing fundamentally new and was already described in books about a hundred years old.

Basically, time is an illusion created by motion through higher-dimensional Space.
In a way, one could say that everything in the past and everything in the future already exists in higher dimensions. The negative thing about this explanation is that it uses time – the past and future - according to our human understanding of it, so seeing it this way will block further understanding.
The only way to really understand time as higher-dimensional Space is by experiencing the Eternal Now. Then, it becomes clear that every possibility of the past and every possibility of the future already exists … in the Now!

Thesis No. 7 – Space Has No Dimension
No matter of how many dimensions might exist, Space has the capability of containing all dimensions there might be. Space is infinite and contains everything that IS.
This is why we can say that Space is un-dimensional. It has no dimension.
Thesis No. 8 – Everything is One
Everything is one and this oneness is watching itself.
This conclusion might seem like a big jump but it isn’t at all…

All is Possibilities until observed.
Everything we aren’t conscious of is Possibilities. This doesn’t mean that we ourselves create what we observe. A tree for example has a consciousness of its own and grows himself alone; for him, we – sitting in front of the screen - are possibilities.

Only when our fields of Consciousness merge, the Possibilities collapse… and create.
Everything is created by Observation.

This is also why the laws of the outer and the inner world are the same.
Consciousness has no dimension, same as Space.
Thought and feelings create and bend reality in order to attract more of it into our lives.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Being Stuck in Spiritual Seeking

Spritual Seeing is about Enlightenment - and it's attainment.
But how, how do we think to attain Enlightenment? Of course by understanding it - we say.

Understanding it with the mind?

Looking for the intellectual understanding is what many people begin with. They are in a "gathering information" stage.

People in this stage heard of awakening and enlightenment, want to achieve it, but don't know how.
Their stuckness comes from the believe of needing to do something in order to come closer to Enlightenment.
They are not aware of the ego - and it's thoughts! ' yet and think, that Enlightenment is something they can reach with their ego at hand.

If the seeking stops, then in a moment of stillness, the truth may reveal itself.
Then, suddenly, it becomes clear that there is no intellectual understanding of Enlightenment, no understanding with the mind.
It is all an understanding with the heart. And it says: Suddenly I realize my own Eternity, my absolute freedom, my incredible capacity to love. But nothing has changed. I was always like this. I will be like this forever. I was enlightened and will be enlightened always.

A new stage begins, the stage of Application.

People in this stage KNOW and have experienced an Awakening - and probably, it wasn't abiding.
The funny thing is that this KNOWING and the memory of "having experienced IT" feels like an understanding of the mind.
But mainly, it feels like not being able to sustain the understanding of heart.

So, to some degree, it is like dropping back into the first stage.
In addition to this there is another believe that increases stuckness at this stage. The believe of needing to do something in order to sustain Enlightenment AND that getting distracted from being conscious is something bad.

Let me explain personally: very very often I get caught in those daily stories at work. I worry about things, I pity myself, and so on. So after a while I suddenly realize: I was totally gone into my human part and completely forgot about the being part - What the hell!
Why didn't I pay attention from the beginning. Why did I loose control? Why did I waste all this time to get back work on being awa-kened.

Waste time...

There is only Now. (At least I should know this after making all this videos!)

The search is rooted in a rejection of what is. The ordinary life.
In a way it's a kind of death. The death of the seeker is a plunge into life itself.
It is a revelation of what is already there. If what has always been here.
Tom Bolton / Jeff Foster

The very idea of a search must begin by thinking that something is missing. What if you knew that nothing is missing – right now – that nothing is needed for your experience of aliveness but being alive? What need would there be for a search? What would you hope for? Picture it right now. What do you want in the future? What would it give you if you had it? Whatever that is, is it not available right now in your own being?
Catherine Ingram

The human is needed to realize being.
Burt Harding.

Everybody is enlightened. Enlightenment just is a word for talking about your true nature. The problem is that almost everybody is in a wild, frantic attempt to unenlighten themselves all the time without even knowing it. Most people are unenlightening themselves constantly.

And in this enlightenment right now, you experience feelings YOU chose to experience.
If you do not feel enlightened right now, you chose to NOT FEEL ENLIGHTENED in your enlightenment right now.
You are enlightened now.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Tao Te Ching

The Tao Te Ching in a nutshell.
We’ll be looking into quotes from a rather new translation of Jonathan Star. The reason for choosing the Verses as I did is a question: What is Tao?

Verse 1
A way that can be walked
is not The Way
A name that can be named
is not The Name

Tao is both Named and Nameless
As Nameless, it is the origin of all things
As Named, it is the mother of all things

A mind free of thought,
merged within itself,
beholds the essence of Tao
A mind filled with thought,
identified with its own perceptions,
beholds the mere forms of this world

Tao and this world seem different
but in truth they are one and the same
The only difference is in what we call them

Verse 4
Tao is empty
yet it fills every vessel with endless supply
Tao is hidden
yet it shines in every corner of the universe


So deep, so pure, so still
It has been this way forever
You may ask, “Whose child is it?”
but I cannot say
This child was here before the Great Ancestor

Verse 6

Whatever we see or don’t see
Whatever exists or doesn’t exist
Is nothing but the creation of this Supreme Power

Tao is limitless, unborn, eternal -
It can only be reached through the Hidden Creator
She is the very face of the Absolute
The gate to the source of all things eternal

Verse 10
Hold fast to the Power of the One
It will unify the body
and merge it with the spirit
It will cleanse the vision
and reveal the world as flawless
It will focus the life-force
and make one supple as a newborn


Verse 13

Man’s true self is eternal,
yet he thinks, “I am this body, I will soon die”
This false sense of self
is the cause of all his sorrow
When a person does not identify himself with the body
tell me, what troubles could touch him?

One who sees himself as everything
is fit to be guardian of the world
One who loves himself as everyone
is fit to be teacher of the world

Verse 14
Eyes look but cannot see it
Ears listen but cannot hear it
Hands grasp but cannot touch it
Beyond the senses lies the great Unity –
invisible, inaudible, intangible

What rises up appears bright
What settles down appears dark
Yet there is neither darkness nor light
just an unbroken dance of shadows
From nothingness to fullness
and back again to nothingness
This formless form
This imageless image
cannot be grasped by mind or might
Try to face it
In what place will you stand?
Try to follow it
To what place will you go?

Know That which is beyond all beginnings
and you will know everything here and now
Know everything in this moment
and you will know the Eternal Tao

Verse 16
Become totally empty
Quiet the restlessness of the mind
Only then will you witness everything
unfolding from emptiness


Be still
Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity
Eternity embraces the all-possible
The all-possible leads to a vision of oneness
A vision of oneness brings about universal love
Universal love supports the great truth of Nature
The great truth of Nature is Tao

Verse 18
When the greatness of Tao is present
action arises from one’s own heart
When the greatness of Tao is absent
action comes from the rules
of “kindness” and “justice”
If you need rules to be kind and just,
if you act virtuous,
this is a sure sign that virtue is absent
Thus we see the great hypocrisy


Verse 20

I am but a guest in this world
While others rush about to get things done
I accept what is offered
Oh, my mind is like that of a fool
aloof to the clamor of life around me
Everyone seems so bright and alive
with the sharp distinctions of day
I appear dark and dull
with the blending of differences by night

I am drifting like an ocean, floating like the high winds
Everyone is so rooted in this world
yet I have no place to rest my head

Verse 21

“But is it real?” you ask
I say its evidence is all of creation!

From the first moment to the present
The Name has been sounding
It is the gate
through which the universe enters
The witness
by which the universe sees

How have I come to know all this?
That very Name has told me,
That Name which is sounding right here,
right now

Verse 25
Something formless, complete in itself
There before Heaven and Earth
Tranquil, vast, standing alone, unchanging
It provides for all things yet cannot be exhausted
It is the mother of the universe
I do not know its name
so I call it “Tao”
Forced to name it further
I call it
“The greatness of all things”
“The end of all endings”
I call it
“That which is beyond the beyond”
“That to which all things return”


Verse 26

The Sage travels all day
yet never leaves his inner treasure
Though the views are captivating and beg attention
he remains calm and uninvolved
Tell me, does the lord of a great empire
go out begging for rice?

One who seeks his treasure in the outer world .
is cut off from his own roots
Without roots, he becomes restless
Being restless, his mind is weak .
And with a mind such as this
he loses all command below Heaven

Verse 32
Tao is eternal, one without a second
If princes and kings could just hold it
All things would flock to their kingdom
Everyone would live in harmony,
not by official decree,
but by their own inner goodness

One who sees the things of this world
as being real and self-existent
has lost sight of the truth

One who knows the truth
that underlies all things
lives in this world without danger
To him, every word reflects the universe
every moment brings enlightenment


Verse 35

One may look for fulfillment in this world
but his longings will never be exhausted
The only thing he ever finds
is that he himself is exhausted

Verse 38

When Tao is lost one must learn the rules of virtue
When virtue is lost, the rules of kindness
When kindness is lost, the rules of justice
When justice is lost, the rules of conduct
And when the high-blown rules of conduct are not followed
people are seized by the arm and it is forced on them
The rules of conduct
are just an outer show of devotion and loyalty –
quite confusing to the heart
And when men rely on these rules for guidance –
Oh, what ignorance abounds!

Verse 41
When the best seeker hears of Tao
he strives with great effort to know it
When an average seeker hears of Tao
he thinks of it now and again
When the poorest seeker hears of Tao
he laughs out loud

Tao is always becoming
what we have need for it to become
If it could not do this
it would not be Tao


Verse 48
To become learned, gain daily
To obtain Tao, reduce daily
Reduce and reduce again
until all action is reduced to non-action
Then no one is left
Nothing is done
yet nothing is left undone


Verse 52

The sun in all its glory
reveals but a passing world
Only the inner light illumines eternity
Only that light can guide us back home

Have faith
Follow your own shining
Be aware of your own awareness
On the darkest nights you will not stumble
On the brightest days you will not blink
This is called
“The Practice of Eternal Light”

Verse 53
If I had the least bit of wisdom
I could follow the path of Tao quite well
My only fear would be trying to go my own way
The Great Path is simple and direct
yet people love to take the side-routes


Verse 62
Tao is the treasure-house
the true nature
the secret source of everything
It is the great wealth of those who are awake
the great protector of those still sleeping

If a person seems wicked
do not cast him away
Awaken him with your words
Elevate him with your deeds
Requite his injury with your kindness
Do not cast him away
cast away his wickedness


Verse 68
The best warrior
leads without haste
fights without anger
overcomes without confrontation
He puts himself below
and brings out the highest in his men

This is the virtue of not confronting
of working with the abilities you have
of complying with the laws of Heaven

This is the ancient path that leads to perfection

Verse 69

There is no greater misfortune than feeling
“I have an enemy”
For when “1” and “enemy” exist together
there is no room left for my treasure

Thus, when two opponents meet I
the one without an enemy
will surely triumph

Verse 72
When the people do not fear worldly power
a greater power will arrive

Don’t limit the view of yourself
Don’t despise the conditions of your birth
Don’t resist the natural course of your life
In this way you will never weary of this world

The Sage knows himself, but not as himself
he loves himself, but not as himself
he honors himself, but not as himself
Thus, he discards the view of his own self
and chooses the view of the universe

Verse 75

Why do the people regard death so lightly?
Because they are so involved with their own living
That’s why they regard death so lightly

In the end,
The treasure of life is missed by those who hold on
and gained by those who let go

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The End of Your World

This is a video blog about The End of Your World.

But, to clarify, we are not talking about the end of OUR world here. In fact, we’re kind of talking about the well-being of it!
It’s about the end of your world - your attachment to your thoughts and desires - which have this incredible power over you and send your feelings through an emotional rollercoaster ride!

Let’s listen to our inner thoughts - isn’t it asking: Where’s the happiness? I mean REAL happiness? Mh, but when I think about it, what is it that will give it to me? After all, what do I want to achieve?
I want to be … a better me!
Huh! But I am already me… Somehow I’m caught… in a maze of my own mind! How real can it be?
We can be sure of one thing. MY maze definitely doesn’t exist for YOU. But – your maze might feel quite real for yourself!

Don’t we want to open the eyes and leave into an unrestricted freedom? Of course we do!
And to do so, we first have to loose control. Then, start to dismantle your belief-systems.

Here are some very basic and common beliefs:
What the society dictates is good and I need to go along to be happy.
( You don’t.)
I need to know what’s going on in the world because it makes me a better person.
(It doesn’t.)
People are naturally evil and need rules to act good.
(They don’t if we dismantle our belief-systems )

Naturally, if you become aware of these beliefs and reflect on them, you will feel their falseness rather quickly. Maybe you are able to stop believing in them.

But then, there are deeper beliefs, for example religious beliefs, like:
God only loves me if I strain myself, or
My religion is true because the scriptures say so.
God doesn’t exist OR let’s call it: It’s logical that God doesn’t exist because religion is illogical (which quite is the Atheistic belief-system).

It is much more complicated to become aware of beliefs like this, or even to dispel them.
Especcially since they aren’t even close to the roots because even deeper lie the Core Paradigms of Mankind. They are our maze!

So let’s start to open our eyes by looking at the following statements. And what you need to do is inquire on them and find your own truth in them.

# Science will never be able to give answers to why we exist, it looks in the wrong direction - because
# Reality is NOT what we see – or can touch – because
Matter is not as real as we were taught. - and
# Time is essentially different from what we make of it. – so as an example
# Existence wasn’t created with the Big Bang. Existence is timeless – forever
# Past and Future are constructs we make up in our minds. There is only Now.
# You are not your mind!
# You are not your body.
# Consciousness is what makes you experience the world.
# Consciousness is not a result of biological processes in the brain.
# When you look at the world, what you see is yourself.
# You are not a separate being.
# You don’t need to DO anything to achieve happiness. It’s already there.
# You are ready to find out.

The more the world of your ego fades, the more you become selfless. And good things grow out of selflessness.

We all can reach such a way of being in the world,
- A world in which we see through the maze of our minds and our suffering
- A world in which look into the hearts of people and not to their outer appearance.
- A world in which we can suddenly understand each other even in conflicts,
- A world which is just the blink of an eye away.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Understanding Infinity

Hello and welcome to this video about Understanding Infinity.

We’ll look at three topic and you might be surprised by the path we’ll take through the “Infinity in Mathematics”, “Infinity of God” and the “Infinity of the World”.

As it is with all my videos you don’t need to have a lot of knowledge in any of these topics (especially not Mathematics), the only thing you need is an open mind and the willingness to use it.

The “Infinity in Mathematics” could also be called the “Unreality of Finite Numbers and Measures”.
And it’s mind-boggling :)
I will take a ruler to show you – and it really doesn’t matter which object we look at. However, the ruler is helpful because it already has numbers and measures to it. Naturally we think that everything can be measured in all its dimensions. So we say that this ruler is 6 inches wide.
However, how real are “6 inches”? If we think about it we’ll see that “6 inches” or any type of measurement, is extremely unreal.
Let me explain with a different question: How real is “the value of the coin”? Well, it doesn’t exist, it is nothing but an institution that was made by humans due to the helpfulness of trade. Only the coin itself is real (or THAT which creates the coin). Same with “6 inches” – it is no real thing. Half of the world doesn’t even use inches but centimeters. But that is nothing but another instituted con-cept as well.
What I want to say is that - in Mathematics and in Reality - the width of this ruler is infinite. There are infinite points in between beginning and end. The funny thing is that half the width of the ruler is infinite as well.
At this point, are we even sure of what it means when we say 6 + 3 = 9? I just got a bit uncertain.
You might already have a glimpse at infinity here...
Why is “part of the whole” still “equal to the whole”? It sounds quite strange to us in the first place, but that is normal since we approach the logic of higher dimensions! We remember that ∞ = 2x∞ = ∞^2 = ∞^∞.
Oh, and ∞/∞ is NOT 1.

Our next topic, the “Infinity of God” starts with a somewhat popular question: if God is truly all-mighty (as everybody says he is), could he create a rock that is that heavy he couldn’t lift it anymore? Of course this question is highly illogical and can’t be answered with the same, but only with higher logic – so let’s try!
First of all, God is NOT a grumpy, old man or any other “separate” being.
At this point let me tell you that any connotations and ideas you have of the word “God” might be in the way of further understand-ing.
We don’t want to explain the Infinite through the WORD “God”… that’s not possible; we need to do it the other way around! We want to peek into the Infinite and then KNOW what IT IS. So, quite often in previous videos, GOD was actually described as IT because it has no preconceived ideas to it. Replace GOD with whatever other word you like – but again - with no preconception, prejudice or connotation.
Some people might find it difficult to follow the thinking for they believe in the absence of a grumpy old man and thus believe in the absence of IT. However, can you be certain to KNOW the absence of IT? Especcially since we already scientifically proved the existence of IT!

OK, so getting past that, what do we assume to know about God?
First of all, God is infinite.
God is all-present (but without acting), all-knowing (which has to much connotation of having an agenda, so all-witnessing is a better word), all-mighty (which again has to much connotation of having an agenda, so all-creating is a better word).

This means that NOTHING IS NOT GOD – and by the way this includes you!

Yet, there’s more we can say: IN THE INFINITY OF IT, EVEN A PART CONTAINS ALL!
So speaking in images, ALL that creates our incredibly huge universe is contained and exists in a small daisy flower AS A WHOLE.
Or - each single grain of sand contains the same Infinity as the whole universe… which leads us to

The Infinity of the World
Now, if we apply our logic from what we learned above, isn’t everthing in the world infinite?

For sure time is, and as you might remember, Time is truly Eternity which doesn’t mean ‘time without end’ but ‘without time’.

Everything happens in the Now – always. Nothing ever happened outside of Now. Now is eternal. You take a photo in the Now, you look at a photo in the Now. When you go for a walk, you leave in the Now and you arrive in the Now. You are born in the Now, you die in the Now.

Imagine a Life-Time being this ruler. Then (normally) we think that our life moves along an imaginary line from birth to death.
However, no matter where you are, you are always in the Now: when you are young, you most commonly experience feelings and thoughts of having your life in front of you. When you’re older, you experience feelings and thoughts of having lived most of your life.

The strange thing is that each arrow you could possibly draw is “You experience feelings and thoughts of created by what IS”.
Each “dot” you can point at is “You in the Now”. Nothing is ever not “You in the Now”.

It’s very similar with Space, and you might remember, Space is truly Infinity which doesn’t mean ‘space without borders’ but ‘without space’.
I feel that there’s so much more to say about this, however, the Infinity of Space was already topic in my previous videos, so please review those videos if you’re interested – and I hope you can forgive me for taking the short route here.

In the end, all that counts is the value you get from thinking about all this stuff. And – for me – it’s not about having fun by talking crazy stuff, but about filling life with wonder and awe.

So tell me, what is the size of your Consciousness? – or how many different emotions could you potentially experience in this moment?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Awakening and Its Supporting Conditions

Hello my friends.
This video blog will be a bit more personal than previous ones. I’d like to think about Awakening and its supporting conditions.
It was in the beginning of 2009 when I had - what we might call - an Awakening experience, the realization of non-separation. From that point on, the perception of the world changed. However, I can say that the feeling of Enlightenment was not abiding.
There were blissful seconds, minutes and sometimes hours of total immersion in Consciousness, however, then there are times in which I just intellectually understand and then catch myself desiring and trying to attain that heavenly state again.

Intellectually knowing with your mind but not feeling with your heart and body is very contradictory in itself - even ironic. Despite knowing that the Ego doesn’t exist (and the old Ego was awakened from), apparently a new Ego arose and is now a new barrier in between all the desires and whom we really are.
This situation can be called ‘trying to close the gap’ or ‘trying to escape the maze’ of feeling Separation although we know that neither the gap nor the maze exist. At this point, there is no direct advice I can share with you all, except to improve your own self-reflection or self-awareness. Please know that I do not want to create opinions or judgments about what is good or bad. There is no difference for example between an awakened being and a non-awakened being. In fact, the thought of Awakening being great is a big step away from it.

Lets look at Awakening and its supporting conditions - with conditions resembling environment, culture and circumstances. Again, this is very personal and has no right to be true. I’ll just be talking about potential conditions that can support Awakening or even support an abiding Enlightenment. Important to say is that we’ll reflect on these conditions from the perspective of Separation! You may already KNOW that in reality no such thing as Separation exists, but nevertheless, the feeling of it does.
And from this point of view, we can say that

Certain quite definite inner and outer conditions are requisite for (Awakening) — a certain culture, the education of those elements (friendly) to cosmic consciousness, and the elimination of those hostile to it.
by P.D. Ouspensky

About one year before my Awakening I underwent a serious change of life, to be specific, I moved to the other side of the globe away from everything I knew. So let me reflect on the conditions in the time shortly before my Awakening, thus making analogies to elements friendly or hostile to it.
These elements will be separated into “Absence of Hostile Elements”, “Presence of Friendly Elements”:

“Absence of Hostile Elements”
- No noise (from the city)
- No health-issues (like allergies)
- No monetary problems
- No unconscious influences from people close to me (ego-habits, contagiousness of minds)
- No interest in material belongings
- No drug consumption of any kind, e.g. alcohol
- No expectations
- unconsciously communicated to you, e.g. from family or friends
- consciously communicated to you, e.g. from work
- unconsciously given to you by yourself!

“Presence of Friendly Elements”
- Nature, stillness
- Aloneness (not loneliness)
- Great and more honest relationships
- Love (more in personified form) to family and friends
- Another culture than at “home” which was more pleasant-natured
- Unrestricted freedom in all facets of life
- Personal life (Do what you love)
- Work life (Trustful environment, my own boss, great team, success)
- Pursue all own desires

This combination of Elements then resulted in
- Realization of vicious circle, never ending dissatisfaction of own desires (due to the complete satisfaction of all desires)
- Thoughts about the unreality of things
- Meditation
- Frequent experiences of synchronicity
- Entry of the mysterious and wonder into life
- Discovering a new logic (of higher dimensions)
- Awakening
- .
- Seeking knowledge about this experience in books
- Started to share thoughts with others
- Trying to close the gap

However, what makes some of these elements “hostile” and others “friendly”?
Every human being has the ability to judge about something. Most of us take this judgement for reality though – which it is not.
So this Voice of Judgement creates Thought which we think are true, and all it requires is things you don’t like. Things we are in rejection to.

For example if you want to own a great car, you don’t like that you don’t already have it and that creates thought. The more judgmental a person is, the more thoughts are created and that is very polluting. Feel free to reflect on each of these hostile elements shown here of how much they affect your life.

Now the complicated part is this: you will never be able to eliminate the problem itself, only the way how we perceive it. Noise for example. Same with expectations. You will always have expectations but the question is how much you believe them or let them negatively affect yourself.

Then, in the moment of no more thoughts, what remains is Stillness. In this state, there’s nothing but witnessing what is. Including thoughts. Thoughts will still be there but they will not be taken for true anymore. But then, if there is just a tiny amount of identification with judgment, for example due to the desire to awaken (or abide in Awakening), the Stillness will be covered up by thoughts once more. The identification has to cease again. Then, in this state of Stillness, the world is turned upside-down to the absolute positive full of joy, wonder, love, abundance, creativity and clarity.

Of course, Awakening can happen due to completely different conditions than what I had the chance to have in my life. Very often people awakened due to great suffering and an overwhelming amount of hostile elements in their life. Some people awakened because they were close to death.
For all those people sharing and teaching in their many ways though it is impossible to re-create such negative, hostile situations. On the other side, it is possible to strive for a positive and friendly culture. Please help with that. Then, the world will become more conscious and more still every day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Expanding Your Psyche

Hello everybody,
in this video I will talk about expanding your psyche in a way that will allow you to get glimpses of higher dimensions. Glimpses.

At this point - if you followed my videos so far - we have almost proven that Everything is truly created by Consciousness, or to be more specific by Thought that arises in Consciousness.

If you are new to these ideas, please forgive me since I will probably not use the exact words you may require to fully understand them. To be honest, I have very much difficulties of remembering the bedrock assumptions of a purely scientific mind as they are very far from logic by now.

For example, I once thought that a stone is dead matter and has no life. If you think about it logically though, these questions arise:
- what is the difference of the matter that creates a stone and a human being?
And you will find that there is no difference.
- If the 'matter' is basically the same, then how can the 'matter' in the stone be dead and the matter in the human being be alive? How can something dead create something that is alive?
And the answer is, that we must either recognize life in everything, in all "dead nature," or deny it completely, even IN OURSELVES.
So a stone has the same 'life' in it as we human beings do, just that the awareness of life is infinitely smaller of course.

OK, let's continue and define the meaning of Psyche. A human being contains in itself the following three categories.

Your Body:
unconscious processes of the entire organism
blood circulation
that what you wouldn’t consider ‘yourself’ yet

Your Psyche (or Soul) - shown as a prism that bends light - and it includes
desires (your ego)
what most people think they are

… are completely interdependent of our body.
And since our body is separate, the result is a
felt separation in the psyche too.

Consciousness – I Am
- shown as a source of light - and it describes
the region of the unknown
the one I
the hidden greatness

So this is You... and I... and Everybody

How we perceive our body depends on our psyche, but our psyche also depends on our body.
Consciousness though depends on nothing. It is the source of everything.

Expanding your psyche will make it possible to attain glimpses of more than the three-dimensions we live in – closer to Consciousness itself!

Ok, literally speaking, this is what's happening.
The light sent out by Concsiousness is bent by the Psyche, and then projected into our three-dimensional world, creating our felt sense of the body.

Now we are ready to start expanding our psyche.
If every human would have a sight defect and long-sighted. Would anybody wear glasses? No, it would just be our normal perception of the world.
If instead, you would have the sight of an eagle, the smell of a dog and the hearing of a cat, again: our world would just be how we perceive it through our body and senses.

Now I am going to start the real journey.
What if our sight would evolve in a way that we could see the flares of Apha Centauri as clearly as our own fingers?
What if our hearing would evolve in a way that you could choose where to listen and could witness a conversation on the other side of the world?
What if our body would change so that we are unaffected by weather and temperature?
What if our sense of touch would evolve so that you could feel a cool breeze blowing on Mars?
Do you see where we are going?
Let's say that our brain capacity would increase multifold, and all our senses could traverse the universe in no time: There would only be HERE anymore.

What if our brain would evolve towards telepathy and we could hear and feel everything everybody else thinks and feels. This would be the end of separation: There would be no YOU anymore.

What if we would gain the capability of deciding onto which emotion we want to feel - whenever we want to. This would be the end of desires: there would be no I anymore.

Now! What if we would gain the ability of looking at everything from all sides at the same time? Imagine a spinning ball. We can tell that time passes by observing the spins of the ball. If you could look at the ball from all directions at once - like of you would have eyes everywhere - the ball wouldn't spin anymore. In fact, nothing would move anymore.
There would be no time left, only the NOW.

At this point, you may ask yourself of the next step in this evolutionary chain. Our super-evolved being lives in the HERE and NOW only and has no identification with Self and Seperateness. Would it still need a body? Probably not, so it would evolve into no-thing, leaving the body and the psyche behind, observing itself as an infinite point of Consciousness.

But! for you, the incredibly important realization is this: You already are this infinite point of pure Consciousness, experiencing the world through what is given to you! Your body!
If you realize that, you will walk the world feeling a stranger... sent from another place far away, walking through the magic of your body's perception.