Saturday, June 12, 2010

Expanding Your Psyche

Hello everybody,
in this video I will talk about expanding your psyche in a way that will allow you to get glimpses of higher dimensions. Glimpses.

At this point - if you followed my videos so far - we have almost proven that Everything is truly created by Consciousness, or to be more specific by Thought that arises in Consciousness.

If you are new to these ideas, please forgive me since I will probably not use the exact words you may require to fully understand them. To be honest, I have very much difficulties of remembering the bedrock assumptions of a purely scientific mind as they are very far from logic by now.

For example, I once thought that a stone is dead matter and has no life. If you think about it logically though, these questions arise:
- what is the difference of the matter that creates a stone and a human being?
And you will find that there is no difference.
- If the 'matter' is basically the same, then how can the 'matter' in the stone be dead and the matter in the human being be alive? How can something dead create something that is alive?
And the answer is, that we must either recognize life in everything, in all "dead nature," or deny it completely, even IN OURSELVES.
So a stone has the same 'life' in it as we human beings do, just that the awareness of life is infinitely smaller of course.

OK, let's continue and define the meaning of Psyche. A human being contains in itself the following three categories.

Your Body:
unconscious processes of the entire organism
blood circulation
that what you wouldn’t consider ‘yourself’ yet

Your Psyche (or Soul) - shown as a prism that bends light - and it includes
desires (your ego)
what most people think they are

… are completely interdependent of our body.
And since our body is separate, the result is a
felt separation in the psyche too.

Consciousness – I Am
- shown as a source of light - and it describes
the region of the unknown
the one I
the hidden greatness

So this is You... and I... and Everybody

How we perceive our body depends on our psyche, but our psyche also depends on our body.
Consciousness though depends on nothing. It is the source of everything.

Expanding your psyche will make it possible to attain glimpses of more than the three-dimensions we live in – closer to Consciousness itself!

Ok, literally speaking, this is what's happening.
The light sent out by Concsiousness is bent by the Psyche, and then projected into our three-dimensional world, creating our felt sense of the body.

Now we are ready to start expanding our psyche.
If every human would have a sight defect and long-sighted. Would anybody wear glasses? No, it would just be our normal perception of the world.
If instead, you would have the sight of an eagle, the smell of a dog and the hearing of a cat, again: our world would just be how we perceive it through our body and senses.

Now I am going to start the real journey.
What if our sight would evolve in a way that we could see the flares of Apha Centauri as clearly as our own fingers?
What if our hearing would evolve in a way that you could choose where to listen and could witness a conversation on the other side of the world?
What if our body would change so that we are unaffected by weather and temperature?
What if our sense of touch would evolve so that you could feel a cool breeze blowing on Mars?
Do you see where we are going?
Let's say that our brain capacity would increase multifold, and all our senses could traverse the universe in no time: There would only be HERE anymore.

What if our brain would evolve towards telepathy and we could hear and feel everything everybody else thinks and feels. This would be the end of separation: There would be no YOU anymore.

What if we would gain the capability of deciding onto which emotion we want to feel - whenever we want to. This would be the end of desires: there would be no I anymore.

Now! What if we would gain the ability of looking at everything from all sides at the same time? Imagine a spinning ball. We can tell that time passes by observing the spins of the ball. If you could look at the ball from all directions at once - like of you would have eyes everywhere - the ball wouldn't spin anymore. In fact, nothing would move anymore.
There would be no time left, only the NOW.

At this point, you may ask yourself of the next step in this evolutionary chain. Our super-evolved being lives in the HERE and NOW only and has no identification with Self and Seperateness. Would it still need a body? Probably not, so it would evolve into no-thing, leaving the body and the psyche behind, observing itself as an infinite point of Consciousness.

But! for you, the incredibly important realization is this: You already are this infinite point of pure Consciousness, experiencing the world through what is given to you! Your body!
If you realize that, you will walk the world feeling a stranger... sent from another place far away, walking through the magic of your body's perception.


  1. I love your philosophy and insight into nature.
    You ask the most important questions about the
    nature of our existence. I have the same questions but
    don't know why we search for the answers.
    Where are we? What are we? Why do we exist?
    You are correct when you said - existence is all there
    is and experiencing it is all you ever wanted .
    7sevo7 is an anesthesiologist. 2010 gti arriving sat morning

  2. The reason that light has a finite speed is because each quantum particle requires a certain amount of energy to transfer the information of light across it.

  3. Please guide me for success, enlightenment, fulfilling desires,

  4. Please guide me for success, enlightenment, fulfilling desires,

    1. The way is in the heart .. look yee there for should you see, all that's desired should come to thee, fulfilling what will matter not, for what matters now shall then matter not.